General Informations

“Family medicine – Future and Reality”

General Informations

The guiding theme of the congress is “General / Family Medicine Practice Guidelines” as key tools for the development of medical practice, taking into account the needs for continuous upgrading of our knowledge, thus defining the role of the GP – family physician in patient-centered care at the primary level of health care.

From this point of view, there is a need for evidence-based guidelines for PHC that will cover the most common chronic diseases, as well as management of acute emergencies in the practice of PHC doctors.

  • Guidelines for cardiovascular conditions,
  • Guidelines for Diabetes and dyslipidemia,
  • Guidelines for respiratory diseases,
  • Guidelines for mental disorders,
  • Guidelines for child protection and health care,
  • Guidelines for women’s health,
  • Urgent conditions in primary health office,
  • Topics by choice
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