Reason to attend

Reason to attend

The 5-th Congress of General-Family Medicine is organized by the Association of doctors of General-Family Medicine from Macedonia in order to present the efforts that’s been made for validation of General and Family Medicine as specialty which sets and upgrades standards for patient-oriented care in Primary Health System.

From that point of view we need Medicine Based Guidelines for Primary Health Care that include management of most common chronic disorders as well as acute and urgent conditions in Primary Health Units.

Besides variety of topics , participants will have the opportunity to exercise practical management of urgent conditions with simulating patient, and also will visit an unconventional workshops and interactive presentations.

With international attendance of experts we will be encouraged to exchange knowledge, skills, experiences wich will find implementation in daily practice.
And last, but not the least, this positive working and scientific atmosphere, will be held in always beautiful surrounding of our picturesque town Ohrid.

The Congress is supported by WONCA – Europe, Association of general practice/family medicine of South-East Europe and Center for family medicine – Medical faculty Skopje